The God of Serpents

“What is your name child?”

“Shi…Shiv.” Shiv swallowed a huge lump in his throat. “Who…who are you?”

The large serpent hissed. “I am called by many names, in this realm I am known as Shesha.” Shesa slithered close to Shiv, the chains dragged along the bare ground and rattled to a stop. Shesa bent low and stared at Shiv with glowing yellow eyes. “You look like him, yet somehow you are different.”

“It is his eyes.”

“Ahhh yes, his eyes.”

“My eyes?”

“Yesss.” Shesa he leaned close. “Ryuu has silver eyes but yours…”

“What is wrong father?”

Shesa trembled as he drew away from Shiv. “Darkness…”

“Darkness?” Zakhira looked at Shiv’s eyes all she saw were his hazel eyes. “What darkness?”

“Why did you bring him here?” Shesha growled.

Zakhira stuttered, she had never heard her father lose his temper. It was as if he was scared of something. “The queen told me to bring him to the seer.”

“The seer?”

“We leave in the morning.”

“She is up to something.” Shesha turned to Shiv. “Why are you here?”

“I don’t know…that is what I hope to find out from the seer.”

“You don’t know?”

“He was taken from the human realm father.”

“Taken?” Shesha slithered back to his resting spot and coiled his body. “What is special about this boy? No one is brought from other realms to ours, that is against the truce.”

“There are more half-bloods in the kingdom in recent times.”

“That is the reason for the bracelets.”

“Yes father.”

Shesha glanced at Shiv. “What is your power boy? Why did Esen bring you here?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“He doesn’t have any powers father.”

“No powers?” Shesha thought for a moment. Esen was up to something but why did she want Shiv to visit the seer. There seemed no logic. “What did Esen tell you?”

“She told me the seer will help release my power.”

“Release your power? That is impossible!”


Zakhira spoke. “No one can teach you to release your power, it comes out naturally with you just like how you move your hand or walk. The only training you get is how to control it.”

“So I don’t have any powers?”

“I’m sorry Shiv, you haven’t shown any powers.”

“But I can fight Nigel, he is much faster and stronger than me!”

“Nigel hasn’t shown you his true powers, if he did you wouldn’t last.”

“So why did he tell me that I was ready for the war?”

“War?” Shesha hissed. “What war?”

Zakhira sighed. “Father, the queen is planning to start the war with the Gods.”

“What!?” Shesha’s eyes closed for a moment and he pondered for a while. Esen planned to restart the war, and she had been recruiting half-bloods without the knowledge of the God’s. No matter how many half-bloods she brought they would still be no match to the powers of the God’s unless they had Ryuu. Shiv looked like Ryuu but he did not have any powers to speak of. “Shiv do you know who Ryuu is?”

“Ryuu? No.” Shiv remembered Zakhira mention his name previously but he did not ask anyone about him.

“Ryuu was the leader of the half-blood revolution.”

“He was the one who was as powerful as the God’s?”

“He was as powerful as five Gods.”

“A half-blood as powerful as the God’s?”

“It is true, it even took the God’s by surprise. But he is of a special breed, not really a God and not really a half-blood.”

“What is he?”

“He was a menace.” Shesa hissed. “He destroyed most of the realm and to have peace the God’s agreed to a truce.”

“What truce?”

“The leaders of each army have to be kept captive by the other and no one can be expand their forces.”

“That means that God’s cannot procreate with the humans to create their own half-blood army and the half-bloods cannot bring other half-bloods from the human realm or any other realm into our realm.”

Shiv thought for a moment. “Ryuu sounds very powerful, and he is kept captive by the God’s?”


“Who did the half-bloods keep?”

“Me.” Shesha hissed. “I am the king of the God’s.”

“You are the king of the God’s?” Shiv stomped on the ground. “You are the reason for the war? You are the reason why I am here?”

“Watch yourself human, I may be locked up but I can still tear you to pieces!”

“The war was not caused by the God’s, who told you that?”


Shesha scoffed. “The hermit?”

“Say what you want, Hanuman is the only person that has looked after me even before I came to this realm.”

“The truth is much more complicated than that Shiv. The half-bloods started the war not the Gods.”


“Power, that is the only reason anyone would start any war. The God’s ruled this realm and the half-bloods wanted to rule the realm.”

“Why didn’t the God’s share the power with the half-bloods?”

“Only the God’s can protect this realm, the half-bloods are too weak but the half-bloods could not believe this and they rose up against the God’s.”

“Why am I here? I still to know why I am here!”

“You are going to start the war, you look like Ryuu and when the God’s find out that you are leading an army against them then they will rise up from their slumber and fight the half-bloods.”

“But why will Esen send Shiv to the seer?” Zakhira asked.

“Tell me child what did Esen tell you? Why did she really want you to see the seer?”

Shiv shook his head. “I can’t.”

“It is important that you trust us.”

“Please Shiv.” Zakhira touched Shiv’s hand. “We need to save this realm from another war.”

Shiv felt Zakhira’s cold skin and it chilled him. It was the first time he felt the same cool touch that reminded him that he was human. He was human no matter what Nigel or Esen told him. “She wants me to kill the seer.”

“Kill the seer?” Shesha lowered his head. “That witch is cunning.”

“What is it father?”

“As part of the truce, all of the God’s dispersed and fell in slumber across the realm. The only way for the half-bloods to kill of the God’s is if they fight them one by one an army of half-bloods have a chance against a single God especially if they wield enchanted weapons and armor.”

“If a God dies won’t the other God’s find out?”

“There is only one way. The God’s are looked after by the seer, if anything happens to any God the seer would find out and she will inform the other Gods.”

“What if the seer dies?”

“Then the Gods are isolated and they are vulnerable to the strategic attacks of the half-bloods.”

Zakhira trembled and fell on the ground. “It would be a massacre!”

Shesha approached Shiv. “You cannot let this happen! You have to make sure that the seer lives, you have to make sure that the war doesn’t come to pass.”

“What can I do? I am only human.”

Shesha turned to Zakhira. “Daughter, you have to do something for me and don’t ask questions.”

“Yes father.”

“I need you to remove one of my fangs.”


“I will explain later.”

“Give me your gauntlet Shiv.”

“My gauntlet?”

“Give it to me!” Zakhira screamed.

Shiv withdrew his gauntlet hanging from his belt and handed it to Zakhira. “What are you going to do with it?”

Shesha opened his mouth wide and revealed two large fangs. Zakhira walked close to her father and touched the fang on the right with one hand and with the other touched the sharp elbow blade of the gauntlet. She recited an incantation and a glowing light emanated from her palms. Shiv covered his eyes and when the light faded Shesha closed his mouth.

“Here.” Zakhira handed the gauntlet to Shiv.

“What did you do?”

“You have one of my fangs on your gauntlet Shiv.”


“You have the the power of the God of Serpents, the King of the Gods.”

Shesha’s tongue slipped in and out of his scaly mouth trying to find the large fang that had occupied the gap in his mouth for thousands of years. “My fang attached to your gauntlet can poison anyone and kill them in an matter of moments, use it only if you must.”

“Why are you giving me this?”

“Protection, you will face a lot of enemies on your travel and you need some Godly powers to protect you. But that is not the main reason. I want you to go the seer with Zakhira.”

“You want me to kill her?”


“You must show her my fang and you must gain her trust, only then will she tell you the truth, only then will she guide you on what has to be done.”

“Father! You cannot trust this human! Why don’t you give me the fang? I will make sure that the seer is protected.”

“No daughter, Esen had chosen him for a reason and it is he who must complete this task.”

“But what if he kills the seer?”

“Then we are all doomed.”

“You will let him decide the future of our realm?”

“It is his destiny to decide the fate of this realm. It is he who must determine if we are all destroyed or if we live. That is a power greater than any God.”


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