It struck in hard and fierce, the whispers of “Mommy” whistled in my ears. “Mommy!” she said the whisper grew louder. I pulled my sheets over my head trying to ignore her petulant cries.


The rasping at my door startled me, the whisper grew to a faint scream, beautiful in its misery. I got out of my bed, my naked body drenched with sweat in the middle of the night.

It was just hours before dawn, I could see the sky trying to yawn as it always does before the bright morning, but terror filled the horizon.

There she was, Glenda, tiptoeing onto the streets below me, a silent figure in the dead of night, the only one that dared walk the dangerous streets at this hour. I could hear her whisper my name, it was seductive in the darkness.

“Mommy” I heard it again, this time it wasn’t a whisper or a faint scream, it pounded in my chest as I watched Glenda come closer. The dark streets wet with her fury, debris scattered on the asphalt, trees pushed and pulled trying to stay in their place.


There she goes again, that bitch, rasping at my door, looking at me from my window. Sweat trickled down my forehead, the power was out and I was alone in the darkness, alone to face Glenda as she unleashed her fury.

For what reason? For what purpose? I don’t know, not of jealousy or pride, not of a broken heart, but I was miserable, she made everyone miserable. She had the power to wield and she did. Power, equivalent to that of the gods, and she could do anything she wanted with it, yet she was here, looking at me, whispering at me, knocking at my door, destroying everything in front of me so that I could see how strong she was.

She smiled from the distance, I knew it was a wide grin, the whispers and the knocking became stronger, relentless in its destruction. The sun had finally come out, cowering out of its bed, peeking from the skirts of the clouds. As powerful and bright and far as the sun was, Glenda still reigned supreme.

It’s empty down there except for her, there was not a soul in sight, no one dared to peek out of their windows, except me, stupid me, who dared to answer Glenda’s call. The witch wielded supernatural powers, she controlled the elements and she wanted my heart, my flesh, and my soul.

I’m tempted to give it to her, to hand her my life to save everyone else. Strangers I barely met in this concrete jungle, condominiums, malls and office buildings that reached the sky, powerless stone giants that stood its ground to the pounding of Glenda, some of the older ones caved, their glassy eyes broken and shattered.

But I still dared to look, the mixture of anticipation, fear and a little bit of courage to look Glenda straight in the eye, to show to her that I wasn’t scared. But I was, and I had half a mind to just go back to bed and let it be. I knew though, I knew that she wouldn’t let me be, she wouldn’t let me sleep, she would keep on knocking and screaming and poke the glass eye of my stone giant.

She’s giggling now, her hair floating in the air around her, surprisingly beautiful and yet disturbingly horrific. She’s strong, stronger than I imagined, I’m trapped here in my giant, I don’t know for how long, but it would seem that it would be forever.

I realized that I don’t have much food, if not Glenda maybe starvation would get to me, not much water either, I would dehydrate in due time. She was cruel, but she did give me a choice.

In the stone giant or out on the streets with her.

Her offer is tempting like sweet honey. I turn away from the window, I could feel her look at me, her touch creeping up the back of my neck. She whispers my name once more. It was seductive and inviting.

I could go down there I thought. I could embrace her and all her glory and go with her wherever she wanted. It was a freedom that she offered and she offered to me of all people. I was the special one, I was the one that could save all of them and be free at last.

I turned my back at the window. Glenda frowned, she knew what my answer was. She knocked once more, whispered sweet nothings in my ear. But she knew the look in my face.

I mouthed “Sorry” to her and bid her to go. I knew what her freedom meant, I couldn’t leave my mortal shackles just yet, there were things that had to be done, there were people that had to be cared for, there was a legacy that needed to be built, strong and firm to withstand all of the witches that would come knocking at my door.

I slept, not thinking about Glenda, not dreaming of her, I just slept and when I awoke, she was gone. The terror was still in the air and on the streets. But people started coming out, shivering and shaking, one boy looked up from the street and at me. Straight into my eyes, anger burned in his eyes.

“Why didn’t you save us?” I heard him ask in my head, “coward!” he screamed, “selfish bastard!” He kept on screaming at me over and over again. “It wasn’t my time yet.” I told him quietly. “Glenda only wanted you.” He said. “Only you! No one else but you!”

I shook my head and looked at the direction that she left, her path was clear and I could have followed her. Anger, sorrow, frustration was on the young boy’s face, he was distraught and he knew who to blame. She will be back and I know it, she won’t give up, she is relentless and next time her sisters will come, one after the other, they won’t give up until they had finally enticed me to be their groom in the abyss.


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