‘Welcome Sunil.’

Sunil shook the hand of Rakesh and took a step forward the gaping doorway. ‘Hi Rakesh, I got this for you guys.’ He handed over a bottle of red wine and smiled as the plump hands of Rakesh gripped the bottle neck.

‘You didn’t have to.’ Rakesh smiled. His teeth had signs of excessive tobacco stains.

‘My pleasure.’ Sunil glanced around the room and noticed a golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

‘That was an anniversary present from Anjali’s parents.’ Rakesh whispered. ‘Well practically everything here comes from her parents.’ Rakesh pointed at a large wooden shelf on his right. ‘That was given on our first year anniversary. And that..’ He pointed at a large beige sofa set on his left. ‘That was given just after we moved in…just goes to show you that her parents have no taste.’

Sunil chuckled. He sat on the beige sofa and crossed his legs. He noticed that there was no television set in the living area which was very different from his small apartment.

‘Beer?’ Rakesh pushed a sweaty bottle of beer towards Sunil.

‘Thanks.’ Sunil wiped the mouth of the bottle with his sleeve. ‘Where is Anjali?’

‘Getting ready.’ Rakesh dropped on the chair across Sunil and rested his leg on his knee. ‘You know how girls are.’

‘No not really.’

‘Single guy? You are lucky! Hold on to that.’

Sunil sipped on his beer and wanted to say something until he heard a light clanging from the room behind him.

‘Hi Sunil.’

Sunil stood up and turned to greet a beautiful dark skinned girl. She wore a tight black dress that exposed her curves and her wrists were adorned with silver bangles. ‘Hi Anjali.’ He noticed the room she came from had a single bed and wondered how the couple slept at night.

Anjali embraced Sunil and kissed him on his cheek. ‘How are you Sunil?’

‘I’m good.’

‘When did you get here?’ Anjali looked furiously at Rakesh. ‘I told you to tell me when he arrived.’

‘I…’ Rakesh waved his hand.

‘I just got here.’ Sunil interrupted. ‘Rakesh was just giving me company.’

‘Oh I see.’ Anjali was sitting down on the couch when she saw the beer on the table. ‘Wait a minute! Where is the coaster?’ She turned to Rakesh and screamed. ‘I told you to always use a coaster!’

‘I…’ Rakesh waved his hand in the air again.

Anjali pulled out a coaster from under the wooden coffee table. ‘That will leave a ring. You know how mom likes to inspect the things she gives us.’ She placed the beer bottle on the plastic circle. ‘What are we going to say then?’

‘Maybe tell her to stop sending us stuff.’ Rakesh mumbled.

‘What did you say?’

‘So Anjali it was nice of you to invite me over for dinner.’ Sunil spoke with a slight trepidation in his voice.

Anjali shot a glaring look at Rakesh before her face relaxed at Sunil. ‘Oh no problem at all Sunil.’

‘I really appreciate it. I still don’t know anyone here.’

‘You are not from Delhi?’

‘Oh no I am from Mumbai. I just moved in here about a week ago.’

‘And you have no friends here?’

‘No not yet.’

‘Rakesh darling.’ Anjali crossed her legs. ‘Maybe you could introduce Sunil to some of your friends.’

‘Maybe.’ Rakesh grumbled.

Anjali touched Sunil’s hand. ‘He will try to introduce you to some of his friends.’ Anjali flipped her hair and smiled. ‘Do you have a girlfriend Sunil?’

Sunil looked at Anjali’s hand on his and felt her fingers clasping to a tender hold. He looked at Rakesh and noticed that he was just looking at the beer bottle on the table. Sunil turned to look at Anjali’s eyes and was mesmerized by the light hazel circles that looked endearingly back at him. ‘No…no girlfriend.’

‘Oh that is too bad.’ Anjali ran a thin finger down Sunil’s cheek. ‘Such a good looking guy should have a girlfriend.’ She turned to Rakesh. ‘Don’t you think so darling?’

‘Uhm…I guess.’

‘It is agreed then, I will introduce you to some of my girlfriends.’ She leaned close to whisper at Sunil. ‘You can pick any of us.’

Sunil gulped as he tried to understand the words of Anjali. ‘Any of you?’

‘Any of us.’ Anjali winked. She leaned back and looked at the clock on top of a large abstract painting. ‘Oh my! Its eight thirty already. I have to check on dinner.’ Anjali stood up and walked toward the kitchen.

‘She’s a charmer.’ Sunil sipped his beer.

‘Bah! She’s more than a handful…and her mother! Oh man!’ Rakesh clasped his hands together. ‘Everyday I pray that her mother would never bother us, but how can you stop a typhoon that lives two apartments down?’

‘Your in-laws live here?’

‘Unfortunately yes.’ Rakesh shook his head. ‘Trust me Sunil don’t get married. The honeymoon never comes and all you are stuck with is a wrinkly girl that is slippery with all the creams that she puts on her body. Do you know how much creams she has?’

‘How much?’ Sunil moved at the edge of his seat.

‘A whole room! She has a whole room of moisturizers, cold creams and maybe a thousand shades of lipstick. That is probably the only thing that her parents never gave us.’ Rakesh laughed.

‘Dinner is ready.’ Anjali yelled from the dining area.

Rakesh and Sunil got off their seats and walked to the dining area in the center of the apartment. Sunil noticed that there were three rooms that surrounded the dining area. The first was the room with the single bed that Anjali came from. The second room which was on the perpendicular wall had Rakesh’s name written on it while the third room which stood in between the other two rooms had a bolt locking it in place. Sunil thought that this was where the couple kept their valuables.

Anjali walked in from the kitchen on the right of the dining area and carried two huge platters. The first was filled with steaming mixture of rice and peas. The second was a collection of various meats cooked in spices. ‘I hope you like the food.’

Sunil looked at the food on the table and his mouth whet at the appetizing colors and smells that flooded his senses. ‘Uhm…Anjali.’

‘Yes Sunil?’

‘I am actually a vegetarian.’



‘I told you to ask him what he could eat.’ Anjali raised a finger at Rakesh.

‘What? You never told me to do such a thing!’

‘I did ask you. You just told me that he eats everything!’ Anjali shook her arms in the air and tried to mimic Rakesh’s baritone voice.

Sunil could not help but smirk at the poor impersonation. ‘Hold on guys, it is fine. I can skip my vegetables for one night.’

‘No Sunil! You are our guest and you deserve to be treated well.’ Anjali said.

‘He wants to eat the meat then let him eat the meat dear.’

‘Dear? You are calling me dear after you messed this up?’

Rakesh whispered. ‘I told you honeymoon never even started.’

Sunil pulled a chair and sat down. He took a large spoonful of what seemed to be chicken breast and mutton cubes. ‘Don’t worry Anjali I’m sure that they taste great.’

Anjali frowned and sat beside Sunil. ‘I’m sorry about this.’

‘It’s not a problem.’ Sunil smiled as he took a large helping of rice.

Anjali gripped tightly on Sunil’s thigh and whispered. ‘You seem to work out.’

Sunil blushed. ‘So…uhm Rakesh what do you normally do with your friends?’

‘I know what my friends would do with you.’ Anjali whispered seductively.

‘We just normally share a bottle of whiskey when we are free.’

‘You can be the bottle that I share with my friends.’ Anjali ran her hand higher up Sunil’s thigh.

‘Oh hey!’ Sunil yelped.

‘What is wrong Sunil?’ Rakesh asked.

‘Yes Sunil what is wrong? Is it too hot for you?’

Sunil’s mind ran at a thousand miles but always stopped at Anjali’s red pouty lips. ‘No it is fine.’ He took a sip of his beer before he continued. ‘You have a nice house.’

‘Thank you Sunil.’ Rakesh took a spoonful of food. ‘As I said, almost all of the furniture here came from Anjali’s parents.’

‘Yes at least my parents are stable enough to furnish our house.’

‘I never asked them to furnish the house!’

‘How could you?!? You are always gambling away our money!’

‘Well don’t blame me if the stock market is down. I can’t control that!’

‘Oh what can you control then Rakesh? You can’t even control yourself in the…’

Sunil interrupted Anjali before she could finish her sentence. ‘Why don’t you guys show me around.’

Anjali bit her lip. ‘I would love to.’ She held Sunil’s hand and pulled him out of his seat. ‘You already saw the living and dining area.’ She pointed at an open door on the right. ‘That is the kitchen but it is a bit of a mess so let’s skip that.’

‘Is that your room?’ Sunil pointed at the half-open doorway where he noticed her come out of earlier.

‘Yes it is, come let me show you.’

Sunil noticed that single bed and a large dressing table which was adorned with an oval mirror and several jars of make up. ‘You only have a single bed?’

‘Of course silly!’ Anjali sat on the bed and patted on the small space on her left. ‘Come join me.’

‘What about Rakesh?’

‘Let him finish eating his food.’

‘I mean where does he sleep?’

‘He has his own room.’ Anjali leaned close toward Sunil and breathed heavily on his neck.

‘You sleep in separate rooms?’

‘Stop asking questions.’ Anjali grabbed Sunil’s hand and placed it on her bosom.

Sunil felt the mixture of satin and the soft supple skin of Anjali. His fingers closed down on Anjali’s bosom as he felt her fingers pushing them together.

‘Eeeek!’ Anjali screamed.

‘What is going on here?’ Rakesh pushed the door wide open and saw Sunil squeezing Anjali’s bosom.

‘What? Wait!’ Sunil stood up and fell on the bed.

‘He was taking advantage of me.’ Tears welled up in Anjali’s eyes.

‘We invite you to our home and you try to take advantage of my wife?’ Rakesh’s eyes flared up. ‘What kind of person are you?’ He clenched his fists and punched the wall to his right.

‘She put my hand on her breast!’

‘Oh yes my wife showed you her room and told you to touch her breast.’

‘Yes! She did! She had been flirting with me all night!’

‘He told me that he wanted me on this bed.’ Anjali ran to Rakesh and sobbed on his chest.’

‘No that did not happen!’ Sunil stood up from the bed and walked slowly toward Rakesh. ‘Listen there is a simple misunderstanding.’

Rakesh glared at Sunil and breathed heavily. He punched the wall once more and his knuckles turned slightly red.

‘It is better if I get out of here.’ Sunil walked slowly and tried to circle past Rakesh and Anjali.

‘I think it is better…’

Anjali whispered something in Rakesh’s ear.

‘Wait Sunil.’

Sunil took a step around the couple and was at the middle of the doorway when he saw the large hand of Rakesh come at him from his left. He blocked this with his forearm but then he felt his hair being pulled from behind him. He saw the large twenty inch biceps of Rakesh clenched as Anjali continued whispering in his ear.

‘Hold on Sunil!’ Rakesh ground his teeth and squeezed tighter at Sunil’s hair. ‘You are not going anywhere.’

Sunil raised his hands and contorted his face at the pain of his roots being ripped from his scalp. ‘Ok ok ok…what do you want?’

Anjali smiled at Sunil and walked a step closer to him. She planted her hands on his chest and looked longingly at his eyes. ‘Rakesh baby let’s take good care of our guest.’

Rakesh pulled back on Sunil’s head and slammed his face repeatedly against the corner of the doorframe until Sunil’s face bled and his legs went limp.

Moments later Sunil woke up in a dark room that was lit with candles. The scents of the candles mixed into a strong musk which woke him up. He noticed that his clothes were gone and his limbs where tied to leather straps. ‘What…ooo…’ Sunil felt his head throb. He tried to open his eyes but his right eye opened only halfway. His vision was blurred but he could notice to naked figures on a large bed.

‘Oh baby.’ A feminine voice spoke in a low tone.

‘You like that?’ A more masculine voice which was a deep baritone.

‘What is going on?’ Sunil pulled on his arms. He looked at the straps and noticed small streaks of crusted blood on his arms. ‘What the hell?!?’

‘He is awake Rakesh baby.’ Anjali sat on top of Rakesh and turned to Sunil. ‘He is finally awake.’

‘Yes he is.’ Rakesh sat up and picked up a bullwhip from the table on his right. ‘Ready for more loverboy?’

‘What do you want?’

‘Hmmm…nothing that you can give me.’ Anjali arched her back. ‘I have my big man for everything I need.’

Rakesh smiled. ‘What shall we do to him baby?’

‘Hmmm…I don’t know. Let’s ask him.’ Anjali got off Rakesh and crawled to the end of the bed. ‘What do you want to do handsome?’

‘I want to get out of here!’ Sunil pulled his arms and shook the bounds on his limbs.

‘Maybe…not.’ Anjali giggled.

Rakesh hovered over Anjali and kissed her shoulder.

‘Why am I here?’

‘You are in our little lover’s room.’ Rakesh spoke before kissing Anjali’s neck.

‘What am I doing here?’

‘Foreplay.’ Anjali reached her hand behind her and ran her fingers through Rakesh’s hair.


‘This makes making love to my wife a little bit more exciting.’

‘But you were screaming at each other earlier!’

‘Angry sex is the best!’ Rakesh replied.

‘Yes it is baby.’ Anjali turned and kissed Rakesh passionately.

Sunil felt cold. His body trembled and his hairs stood up. He felt the pain of his skin parting and closing several times. He looked down at his legs and noticed more streaks of dried blood. His abdomen had many scratches and he winced at the thought of Rakesh and Anjali torturing him.

‘Let me go.’

‘Awww…he’s no fun baby.’ Anjali pouted.

‘Now you get her off mood.’ Rakesh grumbled.

‘Please let me go…I did not ask for any of this.’

‘Don’t you want to have a little fun?’ Anjali asked.

‘What is fun about being tied up?’

‘It is lots of fun.’ Rakesh smirked.

‘Just let me go…you got what you wanted out of me.’

Anjali slid from under Rakesh and walked to Sunil. ‘You really want to go real bad?’

‘Yes please.’

‘So sad…I thought you could be the one.’

‘The one?’

‘Yes I thought you could be our new sex toy.’


‘A little pain and pleasure…pain for you pleasure for us.’

‘Let me go please…I’m begging you.’

Anjali placed her finger on Sunil’s lips. ‘I don’t like noisy toys.’

‘I can fix that.’ Rakesh got up from the bed and rummaged through the drawer in the sidetable.

‘Can you baby?’

‘Anything for you baby.’ Rakesh pulled out a small black case and slipped out something shiny from the center holster.

‘That is sharp baby.’ Anjali giggled.

‘What are you going to do with that?’ Sunil pulled on the leather straps.

‘Make you shut up.’

Sunil watched as the warm glow of the candles bounced off a cold glimmer from the knife. The glimmer grew close as Rakesh advanced with each step. ‘I…I…’

‘No noise!’ Anjali stomped her naked foot on the floor. ‘I hate noisy sex toys!’

Rakesh ran the blade across Sunil’s bare chest. ‘You know it’s too bad. I thought we could be friends.’

‘We can be friends Rakesh…just let me go.’

Rakesh tapped the edge of the blade on his chin. ‘Maybe…what do you thin Anjali baby? Shall we let him go?’

Anjali kissed Rakesh’s chest. ‘Hmmm…maybe…if he gives us the correct answer.’

Rakesh pulled roughly on Anjali’s chin and kissed her passionately. ‘I like how you think baby.’

‘I know you do.’ Anjali turned to Sunil and touched the scratch marks on Sunil’s chest. ‘You sure you don’t want to play a little bit longer?’

‘Please just let me go.’

‘Where do you want to go?’

Sunil thought for a moment and wanted to say out of there.

‘You have to give us the correct answer.’

Sunil took a deep breath. He wanted to say that he wanted to go home, but they didn’t know where he lived and he didn’t want to tell them. Maybe they would drop him naked in the middle of the street and he would be ridiculed by passerby’s and he might even go to prison for indecent exposure. Those options were better than him staying in the room with the psychotic couple. ‘Just out of here…drop me off in the middle of the road for all I care.’ Just as Sunil finished the sentence he realized that he had to give the correct answer, not the answer he desired but the answer that the couple desired. He cursed himself for not thinking it through.

‘Awwww…Wrong answer.’ Anjali hugged Rakesh and looked up at him. ‘He got the wrong answer baby.’

Rakesh smiled. ‘Yes he did, but I think we should still let him go.’


‘Thank you…thank you…’

‘But we have to take you ourselves…we can’t let you tell anyone about this you know.’

‘I won’t I promise.’

‘Where are we taking him baby?’ Anjali asked.

Rakesh chuckled before answering. ‘To his grave.’


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