Night Out

A trio of young men alighted a cab as it stopped at the end of Jupiter Street. Exiting from the rear of the cab were two men identical in appearance. Features, hair length and even the shifted lean and hand-in-pocket stance. Randy and Paolo. Not brothers by blood but by alcohol. The only difference between the two is their manner of speech. Randy spoke with a hard local intonation common of people from the South. While Paolo who claimed to have come from a western region bore a muddled up accent born out of his numerous travels around the country.

A much younger man settled the bill with the taxi driver. Unlike Randy and Paolo who were natives of the Philippines this man had come from Britain. He stood head and shoulders taller than the pair. His skin was bleached white. He argued with the driver over the payment. He always spoke in English this has turned out to be a disadvantage especially with this driver.

‘James!’ The slur in Randy’s voice was unmistakable. A tank-up session buzzed their senses with alcohol leaving them with only one emotional setting… lust.

‘This bloody bastard is cheating the hell outta me!’ Jame screamed. The driver rolled up his window and screeched away into the horizon.

James’s futilely attempted stopping the mobile vehicle which included a forward dipped run and wobbled legs. Hunched over holding his knees, he finally regained his balance. ‘Wanker!’

The three men crossed the street with no interest for any structure around them except a small bar. The bar exuded bright blue lights, thumping music and in large letterings the name of the bar which meant flame in some other language.

The three comrades walked up the steps. Outside the door, several men and women were standing and smoking their cigarettes. They held their drinks as they engaged in rehearsed conversations. The Women were dressed up. Which composed of barely private-parts covered scant clothing aimed at enticing drunken men. The Men were eager to flash their own version of enticement through, cars, little mobile trinkets and the constant offer for more alcohol.

This only propagated the cycle and if a person did not find a mate to copulate with it meant disaster. Usually one of the persons would end up vomiting up all the alcohol and little finger foods that they ate. At this point the other person would either find another person to copulate with or head off to another bar.

Soon enough the group of young men and women would pair up based on their preferences, alcohol intoxication or level or lust. This was one of the many mating grounds spread throughout the city and this was the reason why the three men have come here.

James supported by his friends broke out in song ‘Filipino … Filipino.’ The bunched masses of pheromones turned towards the three men.

The women smiled at the prospect of selection and the men sneered at the arrival of new competition. This could be dissected under a microscope as the survival of the fittest. Surely Darwin must have imagined the transference of genes occurring in such a place.

The bouncer glossed over the men, and unsuspecting to James, lingered over him quite a bit longer than was necessary. The door was pulled open by thick tree trunk arms that bulged out of a tight black shirt that read. ‘I am watching you.’

There were several tables scattered inside. On the left was an area for everyone to lounge around and dance upon empty spaces. Decorated with ivory couches, high stools and tables.

On the right was an open space where the mingling began. Laser lights of blue and green flash people who danced and groped around. The pairing had had begun.

Paolo approached the bar. Bottles were lined up in front of a mirror giving the illusion of a bottomless pit. The moon-shaped table was manned by three bartenders. A scrawny wan who wore thin framed glasses and two younger women. At the end of the bar was the DJ station.

The table was surrounded by men wearing designer button downed shirts, jeans and odd coloured shoes. Yellow, green and turquoise among others.

‘Three beers please.’ Paolo screamed struggling to raise his voice above the music.

Two of the bar tenders wore all black uniform, a shirt with the advertisement of an alcoholic beverage endorser, apron and slacks. The other bartender was a voluptuous girl wearing shimmering gold top and white shorts that rode extremely high.

Paolo recognized the voluptuous bartender as Juliette. She was a famous soft porn star. Tonight she was the guest bartender.

It is said that the rule of thumb for a successful bar or club was to invite the women and the men will flock. In this case they put in a woman and the men flocked.

Paolo grabbed the beers and brought them over to James and Randy. They clinked the bottles together and drank with a traditional salutation.

Randy looked around and noticed a beautiful woman ogled by some old men. She was wearing a pink dress. Her bosom was big that it was almost popping out of her top.

James whispered to Randy. ‘I think they are fake. What do you think?’

Randy took a sip from his beer. ‘Maybe.’ He didn’t register the question. All he thought about was how seductive she licked her pouted lips. He broke off from his friends and slunk towards the woman.

James continued singing the song in his head out loud.

A petite girl bumped him. Her face was yellow and had chinky eyes and straight black hair. She wore a white shirt with black suspenders over her shoulders and a flowing skirt that hid silky smooth calves.

‘Oh I am sorry about that.’ James grinned and thought to himself. ‘Not really.’

‘Do you have a light?’ The oriental woman asked.

‘Do you have a cigarette?’ Asked James.

The woman smiled, grabbed James’s hand and pulled him towards the door.

Paolo didn’t notice that his friends had started to pair up. Sticking like a sore thumb he continued looking at Juliette.

The same voluptuous beauty that had been a fantasy of his ever since she came out of a movie that tastelessly flaunted her body. The movie while not nominated for any awards was a commercial success. Not only due to the body of Juliet but also due to the successful play of words of a fruit with implied sexual undertones for the title.

Paolo finished off his beer. The cold sting staggered him for a moment and then he fought his way to the bar once more.

‘Hi my name is Paolo.’

Juliet beamed a smile that seemed rehearsed. ‘Juliet. What can I get you?’

‘I would like to say one beer.’


‘But, I want to try something different tonight.’ Paolo smirked.

Juliette leaned on the bar and exposed an inch of her massive bosom. ‘So being adventurous tonight Paolo.’

‘A little.’ Paolo danced his fingers on the bar and briskly brushed them against the elbow of Juliette. ‘So what do you like to drink? Maybe you suggest something.’

Juliette smiled at Paolo as watched his hand grazed her arm. ‘Hmmm.’ She thought for a while. ‘I like vodka red-bull.’

Paolo raised his extended two fingers into a V. ‘Two Vodka Redbull.’

Juliette mixed the drinks and gave them to Paolo. ‘Here you go.’ She turned around to a bloodshot customer who had been whistling the theme song to her last movie.

Paolo reached across and held on Juliette’s wrist. ‘What should we drink to?’

Juliette turned around. ‘Excuse me?’

Paolo smiled and pushed a glass towards Juliette. ‘What should we drink to?’

‘Sorry I don’t drink.’

‘I am sure bartenders can drink right?’

‘Yes, but I have to be behind the bar.’

‘Just one drink. I am sure you can take a small break.’

Paolo reached out and rubbed her hand. ‘You are very persistent aren’t you?’

‘Don’t forget adventurous.’ Paolo grinned.

Juliette turned to talk to the other bartenders.

Paolo sipped his Vodka Redbull and watched the other men around the bar. The man with bloodshot eyes stared at him and then banged his head on the bar and fell off his seat. A bouncer walked forward and dragged the unconscious customer out the door.

Juliette returned. ‘Just one drink.’ She point towards the back.

There was a velvet rope blocking off one table guarded by a bouncer.

‘This is my special area.’ She grabbed hold of Paolo’s hand and led him to the secluded sofa. They set their drinks on the table and sat beside each other.

Paolo’s heart beat fast. All he thought about was that Juliette was beside him. He then thought of all the movies he had seen the porn star naked and then shook his head. ‘Calm down Paolo.’ He thought to himself.

Juliette crossed her legs and twirled her hair.

Paolo stuttered and then took a deep breath. He engaged Juliette in conversation, showing her that he is smart and witty. Every so often he ran his hand and touched her on different parts of her body.

Juliette smiled and sat closer.

‘You know this is a good place to kiss.’ Paolo whispered

Juliette ran her finger on Paolo’s chin. ‘You’re naughty.’

‘Don’t forget cute.’ Paolo leaned close for a kiss. Their lips met and their tongues entwined with one another. Juliet bit Paolo’s lips and continued kissing him.

Paolo moved his hands from her legs up to her bosom.

Juliet held his hand. ‘Not here.’

Paolo grumbled.

Juliette squeezes his cheeks. ‘Someplace quiet.’ She winked. ‘I have to go back to the bar. Don’t go anywhere.’ Juliette walked to the bar.

James and Randy walked to the bar and saw Paolo sitting in a roped table.

The bouncer stopped them.

‘We’re with him.’

Paolo nodded at the bouncer.

The bouncer unhooked the cord.

James sat on a large ivory couch. ‘How did you get to be in the VIP?’

Paolo sipped his drink.

‘Vodka?’ spurted Randy. ‘There are two glasses here!’

Paolo extended his arms and hung them on the backrest. ‘What happened to you guys?’

Randy spoke. ‘I saw this hot girl right. Her bosoms were big and all. So I walked over and talked to her. She told me her name was Amber and we talked. But I was really distracted.’ Randy formed cups in front of his chests. ‘Seriously the dress was really tight.’

James called for the waiter and ordered two bottles of beer.

Randy continued. ‘So we were flirting and I asked her to dance and there we were. I was doing my move and held her body. She kissed me on the cheek and I moved in closer.’

James interrupted. ‘And then? What happened?’

Randy raised his hand palm facing out. ‘I’m getting there. So she was grinding me and I feel her ass.’ Randy whistled. ‘Let me tell you it was beautiful. But then she stopped. Three men came over and one of them was her husband. He was asking what I was doing to his wife.’

Paolo and James mouth drop.

‘What did you say?’ James asked.

Randy continued. ‘What else could I say? I said we were dancing and congratulated him for having such a beautiful wife and left.’

They all broke out in synchronized laughter.

The waiter brought over their drinks and they raise their glasses to salute Randy for a good attempt.

‘What about you James?’ Paolo asked.

James laughed. Some beer spurted out of his mouth. He grabbed a paper towel and wiped his mouth. He continued. ‘You guys know how I like Asians right?’

Randy and Paolo nodded. Their similarity was uncanny.

‘Anyways I saw this petite Asian girl. Cute as a button and she was wearing this outfit. She looked like one of those anime characters.’ James sipped his beer. ‘So she bumped into me and she asked me for a light. I saw an opportunity and joined her.’

James smiled widely, dimples formed from across his cheeks. ‘I went in closer and she was talking about the perverts that she deals with as a stewardess and I say that I am a nice guy and then.’

‘And then what?’ Randy asked.

‘I dipped her and gave her a kiss.’


‘But that was a big mistake.’

Randy sat close to the edge of his seat.

‘When our lips separated I could not help but cough.’ James replicated little explosions with his fingers. ‘There was still smoke in her mouth and I swallowed all of it.’

Paolo and Randy could not stop laughing.

‘But.’ James interrupted them. ‘I got her number.’ He flashed a cocktail napkin with a name and number written at the corner.

The boys raised their glasses again. This time to toast the success of James.

‘Sir, Ms. Juliet has sent these drinks for you.’ A waiter places down a rack of six test tubes filled with Jaegermeister.

Paolo looked over to the bar and Juliette gave him a flying kiss.

‘No way!’ Randy yelled.

James looks at the Juliette. ‘I see you have been busy.’

They gulp down the Jaegermeister and cringe as the foul taste bathes their tongues.

‘It’s your turn Paolo.’ Randy spoke while covering his mouth.

Paolo retold his story, minus the intimate details.

James screamed and sang the song ‘Filipino.’ With every note out of tone.

More drinks came and the three friends drank the night away.

‘I’m quite hammered.’ Randy slurred. ‘Let’s call it a night.’

The three men stood up and threw some bills on the table.

Paolo approached the bar and Juliette came to greet him.

‘So handsome where were we?’

‘We were about to go somewhere private right?’

‘Uh huh.’ Juliette held Paolo’s hand on the countertop. ‘My shift just ended. Where do you want to go?’

Paolo’s heart skipped a beat. The first thought that popped in his head was a park, somewhere to take a romantic walk. Then he realized that she was holding his hand and romance was not needed. He thought about asking her to his place. He took a deep breath and allowed the alcohol to take over. ‘My place is not far from here. Why don’t you come with me.’

Juliette twirls her hair with her finger. ‘What are we going to do there?’

‘I, uh…’

Juliette smiled. ‘Meet me outside.’

Paolo joined Randy outside and they smoke a cigarette.

Down at the steps by the curb James had hailed a cab while talking on the phone. He turned and screamed at Paolo and Randy. ‘Guys you go on ahead. I have a date with an Asian stewardess.’ James waved his hand and jumped in the backseat of the taxi.

‘I guess we’re going home empty handed eh Paolo?’ Randy patted the shoulder of Paolo and hailed another cab.

Juliette walked out and held onto Paolo’s arm. ‘Are we sharing a cab?’

‘Yeah, my friend and I share an apartment.’

Paolo and Juliette walked down the steps and joined Randy.

Randy pulled the door of the cab and watched in amazement as Paolo and Juliette enter the back seat. ‘Shit!’ He thought. He entered the front seat and instructed the driver on the address to go to.

At the rear Paolo and Juliette were all over each other. Randy stared at them through the rear view mirror. ‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’ He screamed in his head.

The cab stopped at the corner of Amorsolo. Randy paid the cab driver and the three of them walk to a corner building.

A pre-school anchors a commercial space and the three walk up a driveway through glass doors.

A security guard wore white and navy saluted them as they walked through the lobby and enter the elevator.

Paolo and Juliette giggled at the rear of the elevator as Randy pressed on number sixth on the elevator control panel.

The hallway of the sixth floor was similar to the rest of the floors in the building. It had marble floorings, fluorescent lights and clean walls that led up to six different apartments differentiated with letters of the alphabet starting with A.

Randy opened made two rights and opened the door to their apartment.

‘Goodnight Randy.’ Paolo led Juliette by the hand and walked to his room on the right side of the hallway.

Randy listened as the door closed and threw the house key in a glass bowl at the foyer. He checked his reflection on the mirror and continued down the hallway. The hallway contained small framed paintings of Filipino artists, the multicoloured palettes led to a vast space that contained both living and dining rooms.

On the left was a dining room, it had a three-seat red couch, low wooden coffee table and a twenty-one inch television set complete with entertainment system. On the right was a dining room which connected to a kitchen. The dining table sat in the middle of the dining room and was made of steel and glass. There was a tray of fruits on the table.

Randy grabbed a banana and peeled away the yellow skin. He took a small bite and walked toward the kitchen.

It was a small kitchen with a single door refrigerator and black countertop. The shelves were lightly varnished and stored all of their plates and seasonings. The drawers were full of cutlery.

Randy opened the refrigerator and inside was the remains of their meal for the day. Some chicken adobo and garlic rice. He continued scanning for something to feel his void, but grunted at every little plastic container he moved aside. Displeased, Randy took another bite of the banana and grabbed a bottle of water.

Randy closed the door and walked into his room which was situated in between the living and dining rooms. Randy threw the dustbin which was placed on a little corner beside the room door. He walked to his queen sized bed and sat down.

The room screamed eccentricity. There were black and white photographs of naked women. Zen themed furniture that was painted in modern black with white cloth draped over them. Different trinkets gave color to the room, such as Balinese figurines, some vintage movie posters and a small wine rack.

Randy removed his shoes and changed into bed-time shorts. He lay on his bed and pulled a white sheet up to his chest.

Randy closed his eyes but could not sleep. He heard the screams and moans of Juliette. He thought to himself. ‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’ He got up, grabbed the bottle of water and walked to the living room. He sat on the big red couch and flipped the channels on the twenty-one inch plasma television. The door across him creaked open and Juliette walked out towards the kitchen.

She was naked. A fair shade of brown and perfect proportions gives her an hourglass figure.

Randy licked his lips. He followed her to the kitchen.

Juliette closed the refrigerator door and was shocked to see Randy standing in front of her.

‘Hi.’ Randy smiled and looked at Juliette from head to toe. She was indeed completely naked, only intricate manicured nails and lightly dyed hair gave her any sort of cover. Juliette did not cover herself and allowed her massive bosom to be exposed. ‘Interesting.’ Thought Randy.

‘Just wanted some water.’ Juliette lifted a sweaty bottle of water.

Randy stared at the perfect mounds on Juliette’s chest. ‘No problem.’

Juliette bowed her head and walked past Randy. She twisted her body to make herself fit in the narrow passageway making sure not to touch anything with her naked body… especially Randy.

Randy pulled on Juliette’s arm and brought his mouth close to her ear. ‘You know the two of us are like brothers.’ He whispered.

Juliette twisted the cap of the water bottle. ‘Excuse me?’

‘Do you want some glasses with that?’ Randy pointed with his thumb at the cupboard behind him.

Juliette nodded and walked around Randy to the cupboard. She tiptoed and pulled open the little door.

Randy watched Juliette from behind her and thought ‘Better than the movies.’ He tried to remember one of the movies. ‘Much better.’

‘A little help please.’ Juliette turned to Randy. ‘I can’t reach the top shelf.’

Randy walked up behind Juliette and pressed his body against her.

Juliette sighed and felt Randy’s arousal against her buttocks. ‘Not again.’ She thought. She finally met a half-decent guy but he had to have a sleazy friend.

Randy smelled the sweet scent from her hair. ‘Did I tell you that Paolo and I are like brothers?’

‘You did.’

Randy hands the glasses to Juliette. ‘And like brothers, we share everything.’

Juliette turned around and held the glasses. ‘Really.’

‘Really.’ Randy held Juliette’s waist.

Juliette looked away.

Randy moved her hair aside and whispered to her ear. ‘Join me in my room.’ He walked away and entered his room leaving door open.

Juliette sighed and looked at the glasses in her hands. She was tired of this. If this was some other person then she would have dressed up and left. But this was the last straw. She had hardly talked to Randy and did not flirt with him all night. Maybe it was time for her to try a different approach. Paolo seemed like a nice guy, he may have come across as a flirt but he had his cute moments. Juliette took a deep breath and walked to Randy’s room.

She leaned against the door frame gave Randy a seductive look.

‘You came.’ Randy smiled and lifted himself with his arms. He had stripped and spread his legs, exposing himself to Juliette. ‘Since I saw you naked, I thought I would give you a peek.’

Juliette flipped her hair and licked her finger. ‘You want some of this don’t you?’ She traced her wet finger down her neck, around her bosoms and ended at her navel.

Randy’s arousal got bigger. ‘Why don’t you come here?’

Juliette lingered and traced her finger around her bosoms. ‘You really want me?’

Randy nodded.

‘How bad do you want me?’

‘Very bad.’

‘Do you want it rough?’

‘Yes! I want to scream!’

Juliet smiled and walked closer to the bed. She slinked like a predator about to pounce on her prey. She pushed her chest forward. Juliette jumped on the bed and perched close to the edge of the bed.

‘Come closer baby.’

‘Lie down and close your eyes.’

Randy rests and closed his eyes. He thought that maybe tonight was a good night for him too.

Juliette raised her hand. In it was a glass that Randy handed to her from the kitchen. She swiftly slammed this against the hard metallic surface at the foot of the bed and jumps just before Randy’s crotch.

‘What was that?’


‘I heard something break!’

Juliette rubbed Randy’s stiffening member. ‘What do you feel?’

‘Ohhhhh.’ Randy felt Juliette’s soft hands on him.

‘You can open your eyes.’

Randy opens his eyes and first notices Juliette grinning. She held something in her hands. It was shiny. ‘What is that?’

Juliette smiled. She held the fully erect member with the tips of her fingers and struck it repeatedly with the shattered glass in her other hand.

‘Arghhhh! You bitch! What the hell are you doing?’

Paolo was lying in his bed half-covered with his sheet. He heard a loud scream. ‘What?!? What was that?’ He turned to look at Juliette and she was gone. ‘Oh fuck!’ Paolo slipped on his shorts, grabbed an umbrella and ran out the door. He looked around and there was no one. The television was on and so were the kitchen lights. He looked straight ahead and noticed that Randy’s room was open. He ran inside. ‘Randy! Randy!’

‘Paolo! She is a fucking bitch! Arghhhhh!’

Juliette sat on the bed with blood-soaked hands.

‘Juliette?’ Paolo took a step closer. ‘Juliette what are you doing on Paolo’s bed? And what is that?!?’ Paolo noticed a red stain on the white sheets. ‘Is that…is that…blood?’

Juliet released the off-hanging member and shattered glass. She slipped off the bed and embraced Paolo. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. ‘He said he wanted to scream.’


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