Kristoff picked up a small strand of hair from the wet cobbled steps. “I think we got something.” He spoke at the small transceiver attached on the cuff of his trench coat. He preened closer at the long fiber it was black that was smooth at the root and gradually frayed at the tip.

“What is it?” A low voice crackled.

“A piece of hair.”

“It could be anyone’s Kristoff.”

“This is different.” Kristoff bagged the piece of hair into a small zip lock back and tucked it in his coat. He stood up from his crouched stance and looked up at the large stonewalled cathedral. The cathedral was surrounded by a large shopping complex, a museum and several subway entrances. “He is around here somewhere.”


Sachdev briskly walked down the steps of a subway entrance as a cold waft of air slapped his face. He pressed on the red and black cap on his head and vaulted over a turnstile. His ears stiffened as he heard the blaring whistles and the incoming steel gnashing from the train. He darted toward the platform and looked up at the clock. It was thirty minutes past eleven.

Rapid footsteps hit the ground as two men in navy uniforms wearing thick vests screamed in the empty platform. “Cazzo!” They each waved a black baton and continued blowing on their whistles.

Sachdev watched a solitary light passing from the tunnel on his right. The large steel train moved slowly and the loud friction rang sharply in his ear. He looked back and the two men were halfway down the steps toward the platform. “Fuck!” He jumped onto the first set of tracks, making sure that his bare feet did not touch the electrified rails and hopped on to the next set of tracks.

The two men reached the platform and walked up and down the small stretch. They checked behind the vending machines and under the steel benches. A young officer named Massimo turned to his superior. “Signore Federico he is nowhere.”

Federico replied. “Impossible!” Twenty years of experience told Federico that no one could disappear in thin air. “Check the radio and ask the others if anyone had passed them.”

Massimo picked up the radio from his holster and as he brought the radio close to his mouth he noticed a slight movement on the other side of the tracks. “There!”

“What?” Federico turned to Massimo.

“Over there!” Massimo ran on the platform parallel to the movement.

Federico quickly pulled on his radio and relayed the message to the other security personnel. “Everyone go on the opposite platform our violator is on the other side.”


“Kristoff.” Diane munched on a large kebab which consisted of meat stuffed bread and a lot of hot sauce. She loved her spicy food. Diane spoke on the microphone on the table in her cramped mobile station. “Kristoff are you there?”

Kristoff’s voice crackled. “Yes what is it?”

“There is some commotion going on, could be our man.”

Kristoff looked away from the statues of the cathedral. “What?!? Where?”

“Duomo subway, where are you?”

“Im on it.” Kristoff darted to a subway entrance to his left. He slid on the handrails and rolled under the closing entrance door. He noticed that the station was empty. There weren’t any security personnel. “Diane.”

“Where are you Kristoff?”

“Duomo subway… the main lobby is empty.”


“All gone.”

Diane pushed her kebab to the side and typed on a keyboard to her right. She adjusted the frequency of her receiver and listened carefully.

“Surround him men!” A hoarse voice crackled over the radio.

Kristoff pulled out two silver semi-automatic pistols tucked behind him and strafed carefully across the lobby of the subway station. “Diane there is nothing here. No blood and no struggle of any sort.”

“Shhhh!” Diane replied. “I am trying to listen here.” Diane pressed the headset tightly against her ear and all she heard was silence. She thought that maybe the electricity of the subway was causing some interference. She adjusted the frequency some more until she heard something.


Sachdev stood still in the middle of the tracks. He was surrounded on both sides of the platform and some men were drawing out their pistols. “Listen I don’t want to hurt anybody here.”

“Put your hands up in the air.”

Sachdev raised his arms above his head and pulled his long coat high revealing his naked body. “Please let me go.”

Federico circled from behind the men on his side of the platform. He craned his neck and tried to take a look at the face of the naked man on the tracks. “You better get out of there. The last train is about to arrive.”

Sachdev peered up at the digital display that hung from the platform. The last train was about to come in ten minutes time. “You will let me go?”

“I can’t do that.”

Sachdev thought for a moment. He had to get out of there with as little ceremony as possible but these men surrounded him on all sides and some had nervous grips on their firearms. “Ok I will come quietly.”

Federico shouted across at a young man. “Luca pull him up.”


“Kristoff.” Diane crackled on the headset in Kristoff’s ear. “Something is going on in the platform.”

“Is it him?”

“I don’t know but the whole security team is down there.”

Kristoff strafed around the security post and slowly walked to a descending flight of stairs. He pressed his back against the nearby wall and took careful steps until he could see the backs of five men holding up their pistols ready to fire. “Something is going on alright.” He whispered on his cuff.

“What is going on?”

“I don’t know.” Kristoff took another step and noticed a man wearing a navy uniform pull a man wearing a brown coat up from the tracks.

Sachdev pulled on the arm of Luca and lifted himself up. His head swirled as he smelled different odors, the scents of the ten men that surrounded him, the electricity in the air and gunpowder. There was one scent that bothered him though.  It was very familiar but he could not distinguish it, his body quivered and he felt like a cold steel blade prodded his insides.

“Motherfucker!” Kristoff screamed. “It’s him!” He ran from his cover and pointed his guns at Sachdev. “I got you now Sachie…no way out!”

“Fuck!” Sachdev released his grip on Luca and pushed his leg against the cement wall catapulting him back on the tracks.

Out of balance, Luca fell and sprawled his body across the tracks.

“Luca!” Massimo yelped.

“Who are you?” Federico asked.

“Fuck off!” Kristoff replied. He pointed one gun at the old captain and the other at Sachdev. “This man is mine! You better get out of here.”

The five men in front of Federico shifted their guns between the intruder on the ground and the intruder from across the platform. “Signore Federico.” Massimo spoke. “What do we do?”

Federico raised his gun at the intruder across the platform. “Keep your guns on our original target.” He cocked an eyebrow. “Who are you?”

“That doesn’t matter.” Kristoff looked around. The men on his side lowered their guns and looked confused as they stood in between the men on the other side and him. Kristoff paced behind the men and kept an eye at Sachdev. “You really gave me a hard time you know that.”

Sachdev crouched on the tracks and looked at the digital display on the platform. Five minutes.

Federico screamed. “Surrender yourselves.”

“You don’t know who you are dealing with old man.” Kristoff replied.

“There are ten of us and two of you. Why don’t you and your partner come in quietly?”

Kristoff snickered. “My partner?” He laughed louder. “I don’t team up with stinking dogs!”

Luca pushed himself up to a stand and groaned. “Unhh…” He turned his head and the shock in his eyes registered his fear at standing in the middle of the train tracks.

“Relax.” Sachdev raised his hands.

“Cazzo!” Luca pulled out his gun and raised it at the intruder.

“Put that away someone can get hurt.” Sachdev looked at the digital display. It read four minutes. He took a step close toward the trembling man. “Just relax.” He raised his arms. “See I am not armed.” Sachdev took another step. “You have to get out of here. The train is coming in three minutes.”

“Stay back!” Luca screamed.

Sachdev took another step and estimated that he was within reaching distance of the man’s gun. He roared and then grabbed the trembling man’s arm.

“Cazzo!” Luca trembled as he felt a hairy grip on his arm. He looked at the intruder and more hair spurted out of his body. The intruder grew in size and towered over Luca. He dropped his gun and screamed louder.

Sachdev pulled the young man close and wrapped his arms around his neck. His voice growled. “Let me go or this man gets killed.”

Federico lowered his gun and his jaw shivered. The intruder’s face had changed, his mouth became longer and fangs spiked from the sides. Federico shook his head and tried to regain his composure but the sight of monstrous red eyes and Luca kicking and screaming made him stammer for a brief moment. “Le…let him go…”

“Drop your guns.” Sachdev growled.

Federico looked around his men and noticed the fear in their pale faces. He repeatedly lowered his palm. “Drop your guns men.”

“But Signore!” Massimo turned to Federico.

Federico shot him a stern glare. “Luca is compromised, lower your gun.”

The men dropped their guns and backed off to the far wall of their respective platforms.

“No!” Kristoff screamed. “You are letting him go?”

Sachdev lowered the young man. “Relax.”

Kristoff pushed the men in front of him aside and lunged to the edge of the platform. “You are going to come with me dead or alive.”

Sachdev raised the young man. “You shoot he dies.”

“I don’t care!”

“What? You will kill an innocent man?”

“To get you I will do anything!”

The gnashing of steel against steel and the fire of electricity filled up the platform. Sachdev looked to his right and the solitary light appeared from the dark tunnel signaling the arrival of the last train.

Kristoff snickered. “No way out now Sachie.”

The train was closing in fast and Sachdev had no time to spare. He threw the young man in the air and bent his legs springing himself from where he stood.

Kristoff watched as the young man landed on him and knocked the wind out of his system. He pushed the young man aside and got on his knees. He pointed his guns at Sachdev but all he could see was the glimmering arrival of the last train. “No! No! No!”

“What happened Kristoff?” Diane asked.

As the train passed Kristoff heard the loud panting of Sachdev making his escape down the opposite track. “He got away.”


Diane continued eating her kebab and breathed rapidly with each bite. She thought of how tricky Sachdev had been, maybe he was just extremely lucky. In any case this was the third strike for Kristoff. He needed a partner out on the field.

“Knock-Knock.” A light rapping came from the back door of the van.


“I suck and you rock.” The muffled voice spoke.

Diane pushed on a small green button and low hiss released the hydraulic locks from outside the door.

Kristoff entered the van and fell on a chair across Diane. He removed a small rubber band from his hair and shook the long golden hair loose.

Diane reached for a small paper bag and threw it at Kristoff. “Go crazy.”

Kristoff opened the bag and saw small clumps of meat and a handful of fries. “This is it?”

“You took too long, I got hungry.”

Kristoff groaned. “How do you eat so much?”

“How do you keep on letting this guy slip away?”

Kristoff played the whole scene back in his head. He knew he had Sachdev, it was so close he could smell the fleas on him. “There was a train involved.”

Diane swallowed the last bite of her kebab and licked her fingers. “Last time was a bus and the time before that was a garbage ship.”

“You weren’t there.”

“Maybe I should be then.”

Kristoff rolled up the bag and threw it in the waste basket on his right. He hated it when Diane always trapped him like this. “I don’t need a partner.”

“This time you do.” Diane smirked. “I have been on the field before you know.”

“I know.” Kristoff frowned as he felt around the beeping silver collar around his neck. “I never forgot.”


Sachdev moved his sweaty naked body across an old marbled floor. He stopped in front of a shifty wooden table and picked up a worn out tracksuit and jacket.

“You are running out of clothes.” A soft feminine voice spoke leaning against a doorway. The figure had a small slender frame and her brown skin had been marred by a long deep slash across her cheek.

“Sorry Camille.” Sachdev slipped on the clothes and walked towards her. He ran his finger across her cheek and kissed the scar.

Camille moaned slightly and smiled. “How long are you going to keep on doing this?”

Sachdev walked past Camille and into the kitchen. He pulled open the cabinets. “Do we have anything to eat?”

“We don’t have any money.” Camille folded her arms. “We can always ransack a store. They are closed by now and nobody can see us.”

“No! We are not animals.”

“I’m sorry to tell you this but we are!”

Sachdev shook his head. “Being an animal gave you that scar.”

Camille walked up behind Sachdev and wrapped her arms around his waist. “That was back in the Philippines when no one understood who I was…now…”

“It is no different here or anywhere else!” Sachdev turned and held Camille’s chin. “No one will ever understand us.”

“He did…he was one of us.”

Sachdev pulled Camille’s head against his chest. “He is lost…it is because of that witch.”

Camille took a deep breath. “Did you find out anything?”

“She is controlling him somehow.”


“He has this collar around his neck. He could not even change.”

“And you did?” Camille cocked her head.

“I had no choice.” Sachdev repeatedly unclenched and clenched his fists. “I had to get out of there.”

“Did anyone see you?”

“It isn’t a problem.”

“I’m worried about you.”

Sachdev cupped Camille’s face in his hands. “I won’t leave you.” He leaned close and softly kissed her lips.


Kristoff stepped into a secluded room guarded by a large silver door. There were steel tables that lined up against the walls. Above the tables were cases of armaments of various guns, silver ammunitions and various hand grenades with silver shrapnel. He approached the center table and noticed a piece of paper. He picked it up and it read: I will save you. Kristoff recognized the swirling S signature as Sachdev’s

“Not getting any cold feet are we?”

Kristoff turned around and admired Diane’s svelte figure. The tight red leather hugged around her curves and the scant opening on her bosom left little to the imagination. “Nice outfit.”

“I’m glad you noticed.” Diane walked graciously across the tiny room and her sharp heels resonated loudly on the steel floor. “I’ve been keeping it for a special occasion.

Kristoff tried to hide the piece of paper from Diane but she grabbed it and crumpled it with one hand.

“I saved you from being a monster.” Diane threw the crumpled paper on the floor. “That life is over for you do you understand?”

Kristoff bowed his head and nodded. “Do we have any leads?”

Diane lifted Kristoff’s head with her finger and smiled. “How do you feel about a little Celtic party?”

Kristoff looked straight at Diane’s eyes. “What?”

“There is a little party in the Castello tonight.” Diane ran her fingers through her auburn hair. “Your little friend will be waiting for you there.”

“What makes you so sure about that?”

“When have I ever been wrong?”

Kristoff sighed but he knew that Diane was right. Even though he could not change himself because of the silver collar around his neck his carnal senses were still quite sharp. He felt Sachdev luring him to the Castello as if he was there beside him. “When do we leave?”


Sachdev slipped out of the mattress and quietly walked toward the balcony. The sun shone brightly and he could feel his human flesh burn under the heat. He took a deep breath and he smelled the vibrant movement of the people down below. He wished of a simpler time when he was one of the people running from point to point with nothing else in their minds except their jobs. How things had changed.

He thought of Kristoff. Although they were miles apart in appearance he had always thought of Kristoff as his brother. Kristoff had taught him to control his urges, use his heightened senses properly and most importantly taught him the value of blending in with the people below.

“He always said that they wouldn’t understand us.”

Sachdev turned around and saw Camille standing behind him with nothing but a sheet covering her naked brown body.

“What has happened Camille?”

“He shunned away our gift that is what happened.”

“He tried to save us.” Sachdev’s voice grew louder. “If it wasn’t for him we would be in his place.”

“And now he is hunting us like dogs.”

“It is not his fault.”

Camille crept closer and rubbed her hand against the stubble on Sachdev’s face. “He is going to kill us.”

“It is the witch who wants to kill us.”

“Kristoff is helping her do it.”

Sachdev held Camille’s hands and kissed her fingers. “I have to save him.”

Camille frowned. “We have to save him.”


The arrival of the Celtic New Year always drew large crowds. People wore lavish costumes and consumed large amounts of meat and beer. This was a perfect place for people like Sachdev and Camille. They blended in quite easily and the scent of alcohol made controlling their senses easier. They could distinguish who was part of the crowd and who were the hunters.

Sachdev walked along the crowd and sported a green colored kilt and some face paint.

“You look ridiculous!” Camille snickered.

“I’m trying to blend in.”

“Why couldn’t you just wear one of those horned hats?”

“At least I can adjust this kilt when I change.”

“What makes you think you have to change?”

Sachdev cocked an eyebrow as a group of drunken men screamed past him. “Don’t you smell her?”

Camille stopped for a second and sniffed the air. Her nose twitched and she turned to her right. She looked past the large group of people banging their heads to a rock band, past the group of drunken hungry men eating some sausages to the entrance of the Castello. She saw a woman in red leather walk on the grassy ground and beside her was a tall man with long blond hair tied into a ponytail.


“Do you see them?” Diane asked.

Kristoff looked forward and his heart skipped a beat as he heard the whisper of Sachdev’s voice in the air. I will save you. He shook his head. “No I don’t see them.”

“Why don’t you try to smell them or something?”

“I am not a dog you know.  Besides I have this remember?” Kristoff tapped on the bleeping silver collar around his neck.

“Can’t you even smell anything?”

“I can smell that you used a lot of perfume tonight.”

“Watch it.” Diane pulled out a remote from a square case tied around her belt. “All I have to do is press this button.”

Kristoff raised his hands. “Geez some people are sensitive.”

“Don’t you forget it.”

“What is the plan?”

“Dead or alive those are our orders.” Diane slipped the remote back in the case and pulled out a small digital organizer. She extended the sides which made a makeshift antenna and then tapped on the screen a few times. “It is detecting you right now.”  She slid her finger vertically across and zoomed out of the screen. “What?” Diane looked straight ahead and caught the glimpse of a petite woman staring at her across the large ground. “There are two of them?”

“Camille.” Kristoff mumbled.

“We only came here for the one.”

“Two versus one is not a fair fight.”

“I am here remember?”

“Can you change into a seven foot wolf?”

Diane smirked and pulled out a silver collar that hung from behind her. “I have this.”

Kristoff frowned as he saw the silver collar that Diane carried. He noticed that the collar was different from his. This one had rods sticking out from the inside and there was no sign of any electric lock. “Why didn’t you use that on me?”

“Because I like you too much to kill you.”


“Is that her?”

Sachdev nodded as he watched Diane tinker with several devices. “This is going to be dangerous.”

“And you want me to stay home and make you dinner?”

Sachdev pulled Camille close to him. “Listen this is no laughing matter.”

“I want to be beside you.”

“All they want is me not you.”

“I don’t want to lose you! Please don’t put me through that again.”

Sachdev sighed. “Ok fine but get out of here if things get out of hand.” He looked up at Kristoff. “I only want to speak to him for a little bit and then we are gone.” Sachdev turned and walked against the crowd. He followed a small dirt path to the back of the Castello and held tightly on Camille’s hand.


The little device beeped. “They are moving!” Camille looked up and noticed that the small woman had disappeared.

“Maybe he wasn’t there.”

“He is here…I know he is here.” Diane zoomed out the screen. “They are moving east.” She turned her head to a flurry of men and women walking toward the center.

“What is the plan?”

Diane smiled. “Follow them of course.”

“That is it?” Kristoff shrugged his shoulders. “What if this is a trap and we are in the middle of a den?”

“You have nothing to worry about then, you are one of them.”

“I’m helping you hunt them…why shouldn’t I be worried?”

“Trust me.” Diane walked forward. “Aren’t you coming?”

“This isn’t a good idea.” Kristoff followed Diane and brushed his shoulders against large drunken sturdy men. The women tried to grab hold of him but he just walked forward. He couldn’t help but think of Sachdev. He remembered that some of the best years of his life were with the man that he often came to help from hunters over the years. Now he was the one hunting his best friend. “Why did you save me?” Kristoff asked Diane.

“Because you were the cutest little thing.”

“You could have had your pick of the thousands of others like me.”

“You were special.”

“What made me special?”

“You wanted out.” Diane stopped and pulled on Kristoff’s trench coat. “Would you rather that I kill you like how I killed the others?”

Kristoff’s eyes blanked out as he remembered his sister scream in agony as a silver shrapnel grenade tore through her body and the blood curdling laughter of Diane rang loudly in the smoky air. “No.”

“Then shut up and follow me.”

“One last question.”

“What is it?!?!”

“Why are you hunting us?”

Diane released Kristoff’s trench coat and rested her hands on her hips. “Because your whole kind is an abomination and…”


“And I get paid a lot of money to hunt dogs.”


Camille sat on a large stone wall and nervously tapped her thumbs on her knuckles. “Let’s get out of here…I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

“This is for Kristoff.”

“I know but can we do it when that girl is not around? She scares me.”

“I told you that I could do this alone.”

“No! I don’t want to lose you.”

Sachdev twirled a loose lock of curly hair on his head. He had been in this conversation a million times with Camille ever since he disappeared for a year after Kristoff’s capture. He wished that he stayed with Kristoff like how Camille stayed with him now. Then maybe things could have been different. “This time things are going to be different.”

Camille straightened her back quickly and turned to her left. She noticed a figure walking through the gates. It was Kristoff. She kept quiet as he slowly made his way to the bridge. She nodded her head in acknowledgement but she still looked around the gates. She could smell the thick perfume of the woman she saw earlier but she could not see her anywhere. “I will leave you two alone.” Camille hopped off her stone seat and walked toward the shadow corners around the Castello and disappeared.

Sachdev hugged Kristoff tightly as if he embraced a long lost part of his soul. His eyes teared up as he tried to speak but the lump that lodged in his throat seemed too big.

“Sachie.” Kristoff spoke. “You are quite troublesome.”

“I learned from the best.” Sachdev winked.

“A lot of money is on your head you know that.”

“Money that isn’t mine to have.”

“Nonetheless everyone is after you.”

Sachdev paced around the bridge. “Last time I checked I was being chased by you and Diane.”

“She is quite a woman.” Kristoff rubbed the silver collar around his neck.

“indeed.” Sachdev leaned close and tapped at the red blinking light at the center. “Does it hurt?”

“You get used to it…but that is not why I am here.”

“You got my note?”


“I can save you brother!” Sachdev gripped tightly on Kristoff’s shoulders. “You are one of us! You shouldn’t be hunting your own kind.”

Kristoff turned away. “I have no choice.”

“Yes you do!”

“No I don’t! I have seen what Diane is capable of… I have seen how she tracks us, captures us and kills us!”

“And with that knowledge you can help us all stay a step ahead of the witch!”

“It’s not her little toys Sachie…she is…she would kill us all in an instant. She doesn’t have any remorse.”

“Kristoff…come with me.”

“Sachie…I came here to take you with me.”

Sachdev pounded the stone wall. “You would let her take me?”

“I told you there is a lot of money on your head and Diane wants that money.”

Sachdev pursed his lips he wanted to scream some sense into Kristoff but he controlled himself. “Look what she has done to you…you’re her lap dog.”

“Just come with me…she doesn’t have to kill you. You are worth more alive than dead.”

“I have a choice! You taught me that remember.” Sachdev stared sternly at Kristoff’s eyes. “You told me that I had a choice. That I could control my carnal instincts and live a peaceful life or be a hunted savage.”

“Where has this control taken you? Taken me?” Kristoff pushed Sachdev. “Look at us! We are running away from a woman!”

“Kristof…we can change things…let me save you.”

“Save me?!?!” Kristoff pushed Sachdev once more. “Do you have any idea what happened to me?” Kristoff pointed at a far wall on his right. “That woman tortured me! Prodded me! She experimented at me with her little toys.” He yanked on the silver collar around his neck. “You see this? I can’t change at all! Everyday I cut myself because I need to curb my desire to change! Don’t you see I have no choice! It was taken away when I saved you.”

Sachdev was stunned to hear the words from Kristoff’s mouth. “Kristoff…I…I’m sorry.”

Kristoff turned away from Sachdev. “We are cursed Sachie…we are cursed. Our ancestors ran away from the hunters and this will continue on until our children and their children. The cycle will never stop.” He pulled out two silver semi-automatic pistols from his trench coat. “When our time comes we have to give in. That is the only way we can survive.”

“Kristoff you are wrong.” Sachdev walked away from Kristoff. “I will prove it to you.”

“Where do you think you are going doggie?” A voice chuckled from the gate.

Sachdev turned around and he watched as Camille fell on the bridge revealing Diane holding a bloodied silver knife. “Camille!” He ran on the stone bridge toward Camille only to be held back by Kristoff.

“Don’t worry I just gave her a little taste.”

“Sachie…” Camille’s voice was very low as she crawled her way across the bridge.

“She is stronger than I thought. You have quite a woman here.”

Sachdev trembled in anger. His eyes turned red as he started his transformation. “You witch!”

“Relax Sachie.” Kristoff whispered. “There is nothing you can do now.”

“Let me go!” Sachdev swung his arm and threw Kristoff to his side.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Diane pulled out a silver collar with spikes. “Once I put this on her she dies.”

Sachdev stopped his transformation and calmed down. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“If you behave then maybe I will let her go.”

Sachdev grumbled as he felt Kristoff pull his arms behind him. “Kristoff…”

“Sachie I’m sorry…but Camille is fine. It is you who we want.”

Sachdev bowed his head and watched as Camille pulled herself slowly toward him. “Camille…”

“Kristoff! Here catch.” Diane threw two silver bracelets connected by a thick steel chain. “Make sure it’s tight.”

“Kristoff…let me save you.” Sachdev spoke.

“It is you who needs saving.” Kristoff replied.

Sachdev shook his head. He knew Kristoff was right. He was being cuffed and he could not do anything about it.

“Sachie…no…sachie…” Camille raised herself to her knees.

Sachdev crouched and felt Camille lean her body on his.

“Sachie please don’t go.” Camille’s voice grew weaker.

“Can you change?” Sachdev whispered.

“I…I think so.”

“I need you to change and run out of here.”

“I won’t leave you.”

“I will make a small distraction and will meet up with you.”


“Time to go.” Kristoff raised Sachdev and pushed him across the bridge.

Sachdev roared and his eyes turned a fiery red. His clothes ripped up as his body mass grew in size. “Diane!!!!” Sachdev screamed louder and sprawling black hair crept all over his body. “Let…me…go!!!”

“Sachie no!” Kristoff screamed as he tried to restrain Sachdev. The handcuffs broke into pieces and Kristoff back stepped until he pressed his back against a hard surface. He turned around and saw a large black haired wolf staring at him.  The wolf pressed a sharp claw against its bleeding side. “Oh shit!” Kristoff screamed as a large paw swung at him throwing him over the stone bridge into a moat.

“Camille.” Sachdev turned his massive frame towards his lover. “I love you.”

“Keep your promise.” Camille ran the opposite direction into a thicket of trees that surrounded a non functioning fountain. She ran in deeper into the trees and transformed back to her human form. She stopped to catch her breath when she heard a loud scream. She turned and looked toward the Castello and felt her heart break. “I love you Sachie.” She fell on her knees as her eyes flooded tears down her cheeks. “Sachie…sachie…” She repeated her lover’s name several times until she heard a whisper. “Run Camille! Run!”


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